Click to tweet examples

This page contains three (3) examples of click to tweet functionality. This page was created with the TweetDis plugin. The plugin is only available for WordPress, but the ideas here can be custom coded. Maybe the person who wrote TweetDis would even assist in exchange for a small fee. You can reach him/her here:

1. Let’s use the already-existing tweetable quote style on Insights and just add the ability to attribute the quote to an author. Just like all the following examples, we need the ability to write a custom tweet so the user isn’t just quoting the text verbatim. This will give us the capability to add the twitter handle of the person we’re quoting as well as relevant hashtags.

2. Tweetable image. When you tweet it, the alt text accompanies the picture on twitter.

[tweet_dis_img]THIS TEXT HERE was in the alt tag of the image[/tweet_dis_img]

3. In-line highlighted tweets

This is a highlighted tweet. I want to [tweet_dis excerpt=”I’m testing twitter now. Test 12345 #Test This text is a custom tweet that wasn’t on the page @johnniethesith”]embed this functionality mid-sentence[/tweet_dis] without creating a box or a tweetable image.