David’s Jigsaw / Salesforce Resume

Below is a short list of David’s accomplishments utilizing Jigsaw / Salesforce:

Assistant to Assistant Selling Business Method
A method that helps B2B marketers burn through large amounts of Jigsaw data by dividing the lead gen process between 1) creating a message and 2) delivering it. Articles, templates, and videos about the method are available in this wiki (email David to request access).

Study: How much do URLs matter when cross-referencing… with Jigsaw?
This study establishes that URLs are the ultimate identifier when cross referencing companies with Jigsaw in the list builder tool. View it online.

Mobile Intelligence Report
The mobile intelligence report was invented to show marketers why they need a mobile website. Engel pulled 7,000 directors of marketing out of Jigsaw and sent them the report. View the report for Campbell’s soup.

Mobile Indexer & Supply / Demand of the Mobile Web
Engel exported 2M+ companies out of Jigsaw and analyzed how their websites load on mobile phones. Research was quoted by media outlets like Business Week, the Union Tribune, and Mobile Commerce Daily. Read the study.

More than 13K company updates
Engel has performed over 13K company updates on Jigsaw.

Google – Salesforce developer community engagement
Engel sent an email to over 50+ Google Apps developers asking them to write a script to convert the 15–>18 digit ids in Google Spreadsheets. The result is that three (3) developers in the Google community took up the challenge and got exposure to Salesforce. View the script tutorial online.

Setup Salesforce for Wellness.com and other clients
Engel is known for quickly inventing & integrating business processes into Salesforce. He has sold & customized nearly all versions of Salesforce, including Enterprise.

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