Quick Reference Mindset: Google Docs to Pre-interview

Engel, David. (2009, November 25). Use Google Docs to Pre-interview Job Applicants. In Google Knol.
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Use GOOGLE DOCS to pre-interview candidates

Save time & screen job applicants better
End result

Share with colleagues easily
Why collect data using google Docs?
Data in 1 secure place
Flooded with resumes?
No copy & paste from email
How do you receive job apps now?
No more screening calls
How likely -now – to misplace notes?
How long to set this up?   A: 30 mins (if questions pre-written)
What data can I collect?   A: Resume, portfolio, pre-interview + your notes
Where does the information go?   A: In a Google spreadsheet
Visualization of a Google Docs Pre-Interview System
Create the form

How do I make text inviting?
Create form
What experience do I want applicants to have?
Setup form with questions
Put form link in job ad
Where does the form reside?   A: Google’s servers
How do I write pre-interview questions?
If I change the form layer, will the public link change?   A: No.

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Edit the form

Open the form
What did I title the form?
Top menu: Form > Edit Form
Click pencil to edit question
Click trash can to delete any question
Review candidates

Read results – example
Each row = a candidate
Copy resume out of cell and paste into text editor to read
Write notes in specified column
How do I share with my other hiring managers?   A: Share (top right)
When done reviewing – how do I sort candidates I want to interview to top?    A: Make YES/NO column. Tools > Sort…

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