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Reference Check Your College Study Group

{I interviewed an intern today that said her college is around 80% group work}{my sister is in college, just picked her group today–worried about getting lazy kids} try to shorten this to < 2 sentences -David Eisaiah Engel 9/3/10 6:49 PM

{i remember college and highschool groups.}{were nightmare}*{pick group up front}+{stuck}+{at the mercy of lazy people}

{if i were a professor} /
{day 1 = give a lecture about how to hire and reference check}{post notes that I’ll be covering for the rest of the week on the first day}{notes = specific questions to ask candidates}+{questions to ask references}

{explain the whole class is going to be group work}{groups due in the middle of next week}{if I were you, I’d get a head start today}{start recruiting, start reference checking}{reference checks with all the group members the person for the last two years.}+{if freshmen, group members from high school}

{i assume what will happen}
{the A player, committed students (aka overachievers) will start on the first day and assemble a group of A players. The B students will half-heartedly try. C students won’t do it at all, and will fall into groups at the last day… when there is very little chance of finding an A student}

{the A player groups will be As}{the B player groups will get Bs and Cs}{the C player groups will get Cs, Ds, and Fs}

{fair? absolutely. this is the most fair system you can possibly create}{?why is this a fair solution}

{in the real world, it’s all about hiring. if you want to get to the top, hire people who will help you get there. }

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