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80 hrs per week for Joomla/web designers – take all or part of it

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We have 80 hrs a week for freelancers to design: banner ads, landing pages, web sites, logos, and mobile sites.

If your design is excellent, you can take as much of the 80 hrs as you want.

We’ll start you off with some creative guidelines. You will invent lots of drafts for layout, colors, design, etc. We’ll connect over Skype and go over your work. Then, we’ll focus on the best ideas and improve them. When designs are finished, you’ll convert the designs into Joomla-based websites.

Primary Accountabilities

  • Research successful advertising campaigns & use the best elements
  • Study and ask questions about the research provided at the start of the project
  • Draft many basic prototypes
  • Analyze the prototypes and recommend which to develop further
  • Finish designing the best prototypes
  • Turn the designs into clean, functional Joomla websites with CSS, modules, templates
  • Quickly find and install appropriate Joomla extensions
  • Deliver all promises on time – or if expected to be late – communicate ahead of time
  • Communicate on time

Secondary Accountabilities

  • CSS Slicing
  • Fireworks
  • Assist copywriters in developing the big idea, USP, and offer
  • Assist copywriters in developing the copy
  • Assist research team in researching the product

We understand that excellent design talent is valuable. We want you to propose a salary that you think is fair, considering that we will be sending you a lot of work.

About Us
Our company is the Engel Journal. Our advertising client base includes several top regional brands on the West Coast. We’re dedicated to excellence. When you work with us, you’ll definately add some great content for your portfolio.

How To Get The Job
New designers have an equal opportunity. We hire based on talent, not on experience. Please apply to this job now to get started. We will read your answers and contact you afterwards.

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