$35 Quick Sizzix Die Cut Project

I am looking for someone with a Sizzix die cut machine and Sizzix Serif Essentials dies to cut an E out of black post it notes. I will supply the Post It notes and cover shipping expenses.

I have already made a prototype on the original Sizzix machine with Fun Serif. I’m not happy with the way the font looks, I need someone who has the Serif Essentials to make the cut look like the E in my logo.

I’m sure the Sizzix machines can’t cut a whole Post It pad at once. It would be okay to divide the post it into smaller sections (appx 20 sheets each) then combine them after cutting. On my old Sizzix machine, I was able to cut 25 Post Its at once.

I’d like to test your skills by having you send me a Post It pad (regular color) cut. I’ll reimburse you $10 for your efforts.

If your test goes well, I’d like you to cut Es out of 10 black Post it pads.

This project would be perfect for a scrapbooker or someone into scrapbooking.

Contact: David Engel, 760-295-3135