Seeking First-Rate Joomla Web Team

We’re looking for first-rate Joomla coders to execute our web and mobile projects.

Our copywriter and art director will create design prototypes in Adobe Photoshop. We will also create a site structure in a flow chart. We will ask for your input. Once the team agrees on a “final” design, our San Diego office will slice the designs into HTML/CSS.

You will be responsible for converting our HTML/CSS into fully functional, Joomla websites works on smart phones (like the iPhone or Droid) and normal web browsers.

Primary Accountabilities

Project Management
Report project activity daily in Manymoon project management system
Communicate clearly and immediately with San Diego office staff
Set Definition of Done (DoD) expectations before beginning work
Set realistic deadlines and monitor progress
Complete all projects as specified by the DoD
Unit test all code
Create documentation in Google Docs or Google Sites for custom work

Design Layer
Work with San Diego staff to develop the architecture of the site using Flow Charts
Recommend where to create module positions
Consult with designers to ensure designs aren’t too difficult to implement
Create Joomla Templates from HTML/CSS
Create Joomla modules from HTML/CSS where appropriate
Troubleshoot design layer errors (except CSS) that are directly related to site’s functionality

Business Logic Layer
Suggest existing extensions to fit design objectives
Modify existing extensions where necessary
Create custom extensions where necessary
Where appropriate, setup sites for HTTPS
Troubleshoot any business logic errors that are directly related to site’s functionality

Database Layer
Design and implement Wufoo forms to capture leads
Interact with pre-existing client databases
Create databases for custom or modified extensions
Use long, hard-to-guess admin passwords
Troubleshoot database errors that are directly related site’s functionality

Secondary Accountabilities

Project Management
Manage 1-2 active projects at once
Hire and manage appropriate sub-contractors when necessary
Ensure all sub-contractors sign confidentiality and Intellectual Property Assignment agreements

Design Layer
Update CSS stylesheets in case changes are made during the project
Suggest ideas to make design more beautiful or functional

Business Logic Layer
Create multi-lingual versions of the site
Create an easy web interface for inputing different languages
Ensure Joomla Sitemaps component is working properly

Database Layer
When appropriate, integrate forms with and other CRMs
Create secure environments by eliminating database loopholes
Encrypt password fields and credit card data where appropriate

How We Communicate

Our communication is clear, up-front, and precise. Instead of email, we prefer to use videos, web meetings, and the phone. We also use Manymoon, a social-media project management system that integrates with Google Apps.
All our communication will be done in English. We don’t expect you to be William Shakespeare, but we require Intermediate to Advanced English skills (both writing and talking).

About Us

Our company is the Engel Journal–an advertising firm in San Diego, California, USA. Our advertising client base includes several top regional brands on the West Coast. We are expanding into mobile ads and we’re in talks right now with several Fortune 500 companies to do their mobile ads.
We’re dedicated to excellence. When you work with us, you’ll add some great content to your portfolio.


We prefer to set fixed fees for active projects. We would like–at the end of the project–for our Joomla Partner average $100 to $250 per hour. Ongoing maintenance and support would be paid on an hourly basis.
All payments will be made directly via PayPal within 30 days of completion. We can use an escrow service where appropriate.

How to Apply

Currently, applying to this job is by invitation only.

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