Mobile Is Easy – Lesson #1

Mobile is a highly defined ecosystem. From the user that has their cellphone in their hand who has text or can browse the mobile web – from that point all the way through to communicating with you. That’s a fairly defined ecosystem of players.

There’s the headset manufacturers. There’s wireless carriers that have created the infrastructure. There are then certain players like messaging aggregators that handle the routing of messaging back and forth.

There’s certain platform and hosting providers that provide access to the mobile web and the ability to create a mobile website or SMS campaign.

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  • James, platform providers are companies that provide platforms. They’re like diving boards, except more platform like.

  • James Cabrili

    So, I don’t get what u mean by ‘platform providers.’ whatdo they do? Why should I care?

  • Billy Madison

    Thank you, David. Our restaurant is benefitting a lot from this information