Quick Reference Mindset: Stop the Wrong Applicants

Engel, David. (2009, November 25). Stop the wrong job applicants from wasting your time. In Google Knol.
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Stop the wrong job applicants from wasting your time

How to filter candidates by asking ‘deal-breaker’ questions upfront

Get “deal-breaker” questions answered upfront
How do I find better candidates, faster?
Don’t rely on resume, portfolio, personality test
How do I pre-screen now?
Could I be skipping over good candidates?
Save time, interview only the best
Why not judge by resume, portfolio or behavior test?   A: Not the full story. Talented candidates often unpolished
Re-evaluate what is “best” – not resume
What are “deal-breaker” questions?   A: Open-ended questions. Reveal skill & motivation
What are deal-breakers NOT?   A: Personality or behavioral questions
When is pre-interview enough w/o full interview?   A: When hiring freelancers
Does this replace full interview?   A: No
Write questions

Two steps to write “deal-breakers”
Step 1 = list essentials for the job
Step 2 = write questions around essentials
Ask for 100% honesty
What are essentials?   A: Skills/motivations
No personality or behavioral questions
What are essentials NOT?   A: Personality or behavior questions
Unbiased questions
Further help

How can I get help?   A: Call David Engel 760-716-5403
How quickly can I write my questions?   A: 1-5 hrs
Example: web designer

Motivated to do web design
What type of design work do you like most?
Knows how to create layout that leads to next step
What does a good layout accomplish?
How do you select a layout?
Uses a grid religiously
Do you use a grid? Why or why not?
Chooses colors that fit
How do you choose a color scheme?
Builds on the best work of other designers
Do you prefer total originality or do you like to work off others’ designs and tweak them?
Where do you look for inspiration for your designs?
Understands advertising design is to persuade a consumer to do/think X
What is the purpose of design?
Track record of creating designs that “fit” a brand
What will references say about your designs matching biz goals?
We agree on what is “good design”
What approaches do you use to analyze design?
What’s a good design? What’s a bad design?
Programs CSS at intermediate level
Do you program CSS?
What is your experience in cross browser compatibility?
Do you prefer fixed or relative fonts?
What’s the difference b/t an ID and class?

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