WordPress Plugin: Replace RSS Feed Link

Changes a post’s link in the RSS feed when you add a custom field called ‘url’ in a post.

If a custom field called ‘url’ is not present on a post, the link will be the post’s permalink. Helpful when using WordPress to distribute RSS feeds that link to external pages.

Adapted from Dan Philibin’s tutorial at http://wpcandy.com/articles/tutorials/change-a-posts-rss-permalink-using-custom-fields.html

Download the RSS Replace Feed Link Plugin from the Official WordPress Plugin directory.

Tip for Using WordPress for RSS Only

If you are using WordPress as an RSS authoring tool and would NOT like people to view the user interface, you may add this .htaccess file to your WordPress root directory on the server. Be sure to specify the new location you’d like visitors to be redirected to in the .htaccess file.

If you have questions about this plugin, please leave a comment below.