Persuading CEOs to talk

While at BillQuick software, I co-wrote the first report book. It turned out to be a very persuasive marketing piece.

Report Book got CEOs' attention
Report Book got CEOs’ attention

Many CEOs would send their staff on a hunt for a new Time, Billing, Project management software.

The problem for BillQuick’s sales people was getting an appointment with the CEO. They would do a good job convincing the billing manager that BillQuick was the right fit.

The billing manager didn’t know how to convince the CEO.

I discovered that the CEOs typically don’t care about the features of the software. They care mostly about the reports that BillQuick generates.

We needed a visual piece to instantly communicate how much more intelligence they could gather if they used BillQuick. There were over 250 reports at the time. So, finding the right ones was a challenge.

Here is the report book for CEOs and Business Managers.

I went on to create reports for the other key decision makers:

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