My 7 personal values

Katie, Eisaiah, and Maci in a sunflower field outside of Dallas in spring
Me, my wife (Katie), and our fur kid (Maci) – Photo by 📸 Cyndi Dawn, Dallas, 2022

What makes me tick

According to Joe Cohen, my personal coach for more than three years, personal values are a powerful tool for evaluating what’s important.

Here is a list of 7 of my personal values. Which ones do we share?

Invest long term

I focus largely on systems and how work is done rather than endlessly chasing individual tasks. The long term is also why I seek “win-win” outcomes.

Find the right questions

The big picture is like a puzzle. Putting the pieces together requires getting to the right questions.

Be accessible

I return messages, keep an open mind, and share context.

Let people shine

When directing work, I give people clear objectives, responsibility to hit the goals, and credit when they do.

Keep it simple

I divide complicated problems into subsets of three. My friend Nicholas G. Mac Connell taught me so much in this area. His book, Play life Ahead, shares helpful skills.

Look ahead

Like Wayne Gretzsky, I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been. (This is figurative. I do not actually ice skate.)

Focus on customers

I stay rooted in the problems customers are trying to solve.

One thought on “My 7 personal values

  1. Thank u for your blog.
    I am a full-stack developer with rich experience.
    I am trying to develop a PWA app.
    Speed works on the principle of guaranteeing the quality of coding, even at children’s speed.
    This is also essential for future expansion of the project.
    I am a full-time freelancer.
    My definition of done is continuing.
    We think that the completion of a project means that the project is successful and investment and renewal continue.
    My value lies in the projects I participated in developing.
    Best Regards.

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