5 Question Wealth Building Exercise

This article gives you five wealth building questions to steer your daily activity.

According to Roger Hamilton, author of Wealth Dynamics and the Chairman of the XL results foundation, there are five basic components of Wealth:1

  1. Reputation
  2. Powerful network
  3. Knowledge base
  4. Resource base
  5. Track record

Here they are re-written as questions to ask yourself on a daily basis.

  1. Who can I serve today?
  2. Who can I introduce myself to today?
  3. What useful knowledge can I publish today?
  4. How can I connect the dots between what I have now to increase my resources?
  5. How can I document what I’ve achieved today?

These questions are designed to “focus you in” on the one activity you can do right now to build your wealth. Inventor of the Brain Organizer, Nicholas Mac Connell, says that success is not about all the things you’re going to do in the future. Success is about the one action you’re taking right now.

1 Hamilton, R. (2006). Wealth Dynamics: An Entrepreneur Guide To Finding Your Flow. [Electronic version]. UK: XL Group.

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