Questions to help you write a bio

Answering these questions will help you write a benefit-focused, professional bio:

  1. Tell me when you started your career
  2. Tell me why you decided on your career. Why not something else?
  3. Tell me what accomplishments you’re most proud of
  4. List all colleges/universities where you’ve been a faculty member
  5. List no more than 5 significant awards you’ve received in your field
  6. Tell me what you did before your current profession
  7. Tell me what was your biggest success professionally. Why was it a big success?
  8. Tell me where you went to college
  9. List the great teachers that you have studied under
  10. List 1-3 reasons you’re different than others in your profession
  11. Define “what” is in it for me if I decide to hire you
  12. List up to 3 things you enjoy doing on weekends
  13. Tell me who you live with. If children under 18, please list their ages
  14. Tell me no more than 3 significant drivers that motivated you to learn your profession
  15. List up to 5 significant organizations that you’ve been an officer in (career-related or not)
  16. List up to 5 significant organizations that you’re a member of (career-related only)
  17. List up to 10 media outlets (tv, web, print, radio) that you have appeared on
  18. List up to 5 organizations you’ve been invited to speak
  19. List up to 5 publications where your articles have been featured

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