License the Mobile Intelligence Report

I want to find someone who will correct the business mistakes I made on the Mobile Intelligence Report, and turn this into a viable product. It can be a very powerful sales tool for advertising agencies.

Examples of Mobile Intelligence Reports (taken mid 2010)

Business History

I designed this report thinking that agencies would order a lot of them for prospecting. The reports reveal what a website looks like on 3 mobile devices, which is usually quite bad, especially if there’s Flash. While the report did show clients why they should invest in a mobile website, ad agencies did not order them in bulk. The reason is that ad agencies are setup to take on a few clients at a time. They do not “turn and burn” cold calls like software businesses because they’re not setup to handle thousands of clients.

I designed this report both economically and technologically to be generated in bulk and uploaded to a server. The better way to do it would be to create a self-service website, where reports are generated on the fly and customers are billed somewhere between $10-50 per report.

As of now, I am busy building Company Data Trees. I have no time to pursue this business opportunity, yet it pains me to have all this cool IP just sitting there. If you have some time on your hands, and you want to give this a try, please call me (do not email) at +1 (760) 542-8027.

Development Goals

  • Make a web 2.0 wrapper for ordering the report
  • Design a database with a key system for clients to access the report via HTTP GET
  • Design a way to create the report in real time on the server
    • Designed for 1-at-a-time creation. Batch create up to 300, processed sequentially
    • Most components for are already programmed. You’d need to make the following changes
      • Reprogram the resize & cropping mechanisms (currently done via Photoshop Droplet)
      • Create storage logic. XML files and Images are stored in multiple directories and mashed in real-time. You would need to store the files in a way that:
        • Intelligently assigns which folders on the hard drive are used for which images, perhaps via date or a month system
        • You don’t want to put all the data in a single directory
      • Tweak the logic for the SEO data calculations. Those calculations are 2010 based. So, make the program read the year and dynamically shift on the existing calculation table.
      • Customer can enter their Google Analytics ID
    • Design access code parameter, which is unique to a customer
      • customer billed $25 or so for submitting the request
      • system will not double-bill if they have already created a report on the same URL in the past
What’s in it for me?
  • I’ll take a tiny royalty over the lifetime of the product
  • Will require a subscription to our Mobile API (they’ll need to check if a URL is mobile or not for the cropping / image processing purposes)

Negligible fixed & variable costs

  • Will require a subscription to SEMRush for appx $50 / mo for the SEO data
  • On demand billing for the Mobile API – $0.50 per hit. (You should only need 1 hit per report.)
  • A web host of your choice that will not get mad at your CPU usage. Rackspace is a good VPS or a dedicated server on any host will do.

What I will provide at no cost

  • Source code, documentation and 2 hours of consulting to go over it all
  • Direct email campaign to all the ad agency contacts in my data base
It’s currently programmed in PHP, Visual Basic and the screen shot software is programmed in C++. You won’t need to modify the screen shot software. The application will work on Windows or Linux OS, since the Visual Basic component will be replaced if you follow the development goals I recommend above.

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