CSV List of SIC Codes

For those of you needing a comma separated list of SIC codes in a csv file, here you go!

Download a comma-separated file of SIC Codes


SIC (pronounced sick) stands for the Standard Industrial Classification System. It’s a series of codes that identify industries. The government as well as data service providers use SIC codes to categorize companies by the type of work they do. SIC codes were supposed to be replaced by NAICS codes. However, many companies–especially data service providers–have not yet switched over to NAICS.

  • Dennis Warner

    Also missing the major Divisions, labeled A through J.

  • Kevin

    This list is wrong, leading zeros are missing. You get a lot of duplicate SIC this way.

    171,”Berry Crops”
    171,”Plumbing, Heating, Air-Conditioning”

    but should be 0171 for “Berry Crops”
    Look here to check: http://www.osha.gov/pls/imis/sic_manual.display?id=321&tab=description

    Verify: import it into a MySQL database and run the following query:

    select sic, count(*)
    from sic
    group by sic order by count(*) desc