Summing up “my second go”

Flax Seed Grains
Crunching on these this morning.

I was crunching on some flax seed grains this morning and realized that I haven’t added anything substantial to the Engel Journal for nearly 2 years.

It’s time to change that.

Today, I’m working on my second portfolio that highlights my creative work from ages 24-26.

The work is getting more refined. I’m proud to say that there are 17 inventions / advertising / communications projects that are substantial enough to highlight.

I’m thinking about titling it “My Second Go,” since it will be my second complete volume of work.

Creating a portfolio is a deeply reflective process. You can look back on your work and see it through more seasoned eyes. The main benefit is being able to pick up on lessons you may have missed your first time around. Another benefit is being able to explain articulate the core ideas behind your work and perhaps even a little background story that audiences wouldn’t immediately “get” by looking at the work itself.

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