How much do your products cost?

One of the questions that B2B customers are typing into Google on mobile is, “how much do [YOUR BRAND] products cost?”

What kind of results are they getting back? Chances are, the answer to their question is buried in a PDF document or some desktop formatted page–not easily accessible on mobile.

Imagine what that B2B viewer is doing when ask search for how much your products cost. They are probably at an airport, in a meeting in between meetings. And they want an answer quickly. My preference is to tell them right in Google AdWords. This is a real-life AdWords campaign for Review Report Card.

Review Report Card AdWords Ad
Tell users how much your products cost in your ads.

If your pricing isn’t as simple as Review Report Card, you can write the ad to explain generally how your pricing works. Is it priced per user? Consumption volume? For example, if you’re a Software company, your ad might read, “Price starts at $50 / user / month. Call for more details.”

Notice the Call button right on the ad. This is the Click to Call Ad Extension in Google AdWords. It’s an absolute necessity for B2B marketers, especially if your products are best explained by a salesperson.

Let’s say the user clicks through to your website. They should see a mobile site. Do NOT send them to a desktop-formatted website. If you have so many PDF documents or webpages that can’t be quickly formatted for mobile, then at least built a mobile optimized micro-site. Let users check off the documents they want to see and get those emailed to themselves. That way, you can capture a lead and the customer can get the information emailed to them so they can view it when they’re on a bigger screen.

Going Further – Publisher Idea

So many B2B marketers do a dismal job publishing how their pricing works on mobile. You could literally take a list of the top 500 B2B brands and build 500 search optimized pages that explain how their pricing works. Give the user an extremely straight forward mobile experience. Provide contact numbers, lead forms, and be sure to put up mobile banners. That could be some extremely valuable B2B advertising inventory on desktop and on mobile.

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