Mobile Marketing Association Roundtable Dinner

I’m heading out to the MMA’s Round Table dinner in San Diego right now. These are some questions that Michael Becker, the Managing Director of the MMA, North America, sent before the event for the group to answer. I’m turning it in last minute, but here is my homework:

1. Messaging can take many forms from simple SMS to push notifications and many other forms, so how should marketers prioritize their efforts and build effective mobile engagement strategies?

Start with mobile search. For most marketers, it’s the least expensive and most data-rich place to get your feet wet. I would recommend making a list of questions that customers are typing into Google about your product. Then, choose the top 3 that they are likely searching for on mobile. Build mobile ad words campaigns around that. You’ll get a ton of data that you can use to learn more about your mobile customer, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

2. How do the concepts of permission, context and relevance impact a marketer’s successful use of messaging for customer engagement?

Start with the customer and work backwards. Imagine that your product is a person. How does it talk to your customer? If you’re a B2B product, you certainly don’t text or push notify your customer as part of an ad. Business people just don’t do that to each other. 13 year olds do.  The tactic–whether it’s SMS, push, mobile, app, web, blah, blah–depends on who your customer is and what they will respond best to.

3. What role does messaging play along the consumer’s path to purchase?

Messaging plays a huge role. It is the quarterback, line backer, tight end, lineman, safety, kicker of the sale. (Thank you Logan Lidster for rattling off all these positions in 3 seconds.) Mobile messaging is an extension of this messaging. Think about what part of your message is relevant for your customer on mobile and then design your mobile messaging strategy around that.

That’s a wrap. I’ll see you all at the event.


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