1 trick to increase B2B email response rates

Here is one trick that will immediately increase your response rates: make your emails look like they’re coming from a detail-oriented person.

These three elements will help you pull it off:

  1. Make the email come from the same IP of the email domain (this will eliminate “sent on behalf of” disclosure that many email programs make)
  2. Suggest a specific call to action, like an appointment
  3. Embed your compliance statements in the signature and footer.

When you incorporate these three elements into your emails, people will be much more likely to respond. Here is an example of an email that got an 8% company level response rate off a list of over 1,200 people at pharmaceutical companies:

Hi Jack.

Please see the attached menu of HCPs and patients. We invented a way to directly target ads to these patients & healthcare professionals.

This is especially helpful for niche products.

Who on your team do you think would be interested in testing this? I’m free to discuss next week:

* All Times Eastern

Monday: 11am, 12pm, 2pm
Tuesday: 11am, 1pm, 5pm
Wednesday: 10am
Thursday: 11am, 2pm

If none of those times work, let me know what does, and I’ll make it happen.

David Eisaiah Engel
9707 waples st, suite 102
sorrento valley, ca 92121
usa 1.858.356.5417

Important: This electronic mail message, including any attached files; it is intended solely for the person or organization to whom it is addressed. If the person actually receiving this message, or any other reader of this message, is not the named recipient, or the employee or agent responsible to deliver it to the named recipient, you are authorized to retain, read, copy or disseminate this communication or any part of it. This is an ad; you are receiving this email because one or more of our partners indicate you have requested to receive information from third parties. You may opt-out of any and all future communications from this sender by replying with the word stop in the subject line or calling 760.542.8027. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately at our main office line. Thank you.

Element #1

We setup the SPF records of the from:domain to include the IP address of the sending machine so that the email only had my name in the sender field. It did not say “sent on behalf of.” Email from a normal person doesn’t say “sent on behalf of.” It’s key to make your marketing email look like it was sent by a real person.

Element #2

I suggested in the email specific times to meet. That’s the kind of thing that real people do–not marketing machines. The good news is that it’s easy to get pop in a time using a merge code. If you’re sending out 100,000 emails then be sure to rotate the times so that you’re not booking 100 appointments at once.

Element #3

You are required (by law and industry standards) to disclose that this is an advertisement, how the person opted in, how they can opt out, your physical address and your phone number. You can accomplish this without giving yourself away by following my yellow highlights in the above example, specifically:

  • Embedding the physical address & phone number in your email signature
  • Subtly disclosing everything else inside of the email footer (see the highlighted yellow parts in the example email)

This is not main stream. However, if you step out of the box, you could be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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