How to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation? (R.A.D. technique)

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LinkedIn recommendations are key to building your personal brand. Below is my R.A.D. technique to get LinkedIn recommendations. It uses the human universals of reciprocity and one.

The basic idea is that you write a recommendation for someone following the R.A.D. acronym. Immediately after, you request a recommendation from them with the following message (feel free to copy verbatim):

Dear James,

I think you are R.A.D. To that end, I just wrote a recommendation for you on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn recommendations are key to building trust online. A recommendation from you would be extremely appreciated. Would you tell the world what makes me R.A.D.?

R – What is one RESULT I achieved that you remember?
A – What is one thing I paid ATTENTION to that impressed you?
D – What is one thing that makes me DIFFERENT?

The fastest way to use R.A.D. is in two steps: 1) Answering the questions and 2) Turning the answers into a paragraph. This two-step approach helped me write your recommendation in 10 minutes.

Thank you in advance for your vote of confidence!


The LinkedIn URL for writing a recommendation is and the link for requesting a recommendation is

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