Calling all bootstrappers for #DisruptSF campaign

Infographic: Attorney analysis of popular (founder-friendly?) startup term sheets

To help entrepreneurs identify a founder-friendly term sheet, six attorneys compared KISS, Safe, NVCA, Gust, and other startup investment agreements to Founder Friendly Standard. The research took place in Q3 2019.

A startup that bootstraps and increases market power consistently has the best odds of getting a founder-friendly term sheet. You don’t need VC or angel investors to start your business.

We want to share this message with the #DisruptSF audience – especially entrepreneurs following on Twitter who aren’t at the event.

On October 2, 2019 – coinciding with the first day of Tech Crunch Disrupt – nearly 30 bootstrappers and I will tweet about the value of customer-funding on the conference hashtag, #DisruptSF.

To join our campaign, look for my Twitter thread on October 2, 2019. My handle is @eisaiah_e.


Founder-Friendly Term Sheet Twitter Teardown

Our #DisruptSF campaign has generated 1.823M twitter impressions so far according to Keyhole, a social media monitoring tool. Here are the threads from the Founder Friendly Standard comparison research:

Best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA) with VCs is keep bootstrapping.
Hidden ‘gotchas’ to watch out for in term sheets for startup funding.
How Y Combinator Safe could be used to create a lot of dilution.
How NVCA model legal docs might not be founder-friendly.
Why startup founders shouldn’t give up control.

We were joined by a 85 other unique users posting a total of 245 tweets, mostly happening between Oct 1 and 4. Here is a snapshot of the results from Keyhole:

Results from our founder-friendly term sheet twitter teardown.
Graph shows #FounderFriendlyStandard metrics for our campaign during #TCDsirupt – Twitter only.