NLP Eye Cues: Remember Right

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches that the brain can access Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic representational systems by moving the eyes. These eye movements are called NLP eye cues.

NLP Eye Cues Diagram

I had a hard time recalling which direction was remember and which way was construct when I first learned them in 2006.

When a person is facing you and their eyes look up and to your right, they are remembering images. If their eyes look middle and to your right, they are remembering sounds. To sum it up, Remember Right.

As an advertiser, this comes in handy.

One mistake I often see advertisers make is using stock photos where the model’s eyes say one thing and the copy says another. (Like a photo of a woman looking up and to the right with a copy that says, “Feel great”)

NLP eye cues don’t always behave this way

Although, the above diagram is a good reference, there are exceptions. I tend to be very right-brain dominant, and my eyes often move all around when I’m accessing information.

To complicate things even more, an individual could access multiple senses at one time and not just with their eyes. Folded arms, a shaking foot, a finger over the lips—these can as telling as the eyes.