What would you like to be known for?

A sharp pencil stands apart
Here’s how to start the branding process without spending 5 months and $1,000,000.

Ask yourself two questions:

What do I want my company to be known for?
What do I want my company to be known as?

Professional business coach, Greg Clowminzer, introduced me to these questions. I was shocked at how simple yet effective they were in helping me articulate my brand.

Similarly, a marketer may want to consider these questions before hiring an ad agency. Doing so will help the marketer gain clarity around the brand’s direction. With a clearer direction upfront, the agency can do a better job communicating how the marketer stands apart from the competition.

2 thoughts on “What would you like to be known for?

  1. Thank you, Emilia. Also, pay attention to the difference between “for” and “as.” The energy and direction of the question changes between the two.

    I remember when this subtle yet significant difference hit me. I had a “eureka” moment and couldn’t stop smiling.

  2. As is the case with many of your articles, there are deeper insights to be uncovered by “staying with” these questions.

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