Infographic: Retail App Revolution

Here is an infographic that I creative directed for Mobile+Positive in June of 2012. Designer was Mark Leggett. Luth Research contributed much of the data.


How do the top four U.S. retailers compare when it comes to iTunes app downloads?

This infographic, sponsored by Mobile+Positive and Luth Research, provides a look into how many total downloads Walmart, Target, Sears and Kohls have received in Apple’s App Store.

The data is based on the Luth Traffic Index, which is an estimate of the total downloads an app has received over its entire lifespan. It is based on statistical analysis of comments, ratings, price, category and date of last release of each app in the iTunes and Android Marketplace.

Walmart received the most cumulative iOS app downloads by sponsoring popular artists with Walmart Sound Check.

Target focused their download strategy around a single iPhone & iPad app. They received more downloads than Walmart’s flagship app.

Sears has a variety of apps. Some are brand apps and others are mCommerce apps. The Sears, Kmart and Shop Your Way apps are the most mCommerce intensive and have received the most updates.

Kohl’s recently introduced iPhone and iPad apps. They are on version 1.4, whereas Target is on version 5.3.


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