Domain Keychains

This video describes the circular design concept for the domain keychain search engine we invented in 2010.

P&G owns the domain When I email someone at that domain, I’m actually emailing someone in P&G. When I email someone at, I’m still emailing someone at P&G.

Domain keychains are powerful things. They can connect the dots between the intel that you have on individuals across an organization using their email domains as an identifier. There’s a lot of theory behind what could be done by connecting the dots between a company. Here is what the 2010 version of myself has to say about it.

The circular design was a creative risk that panned out quite well. People really liked & remembered it.

I also wanted to use pencil illustrations for the art on the website. Here is what one of the web pages for our site might have looked like.


Photo is a sketch of co-founder Aleksander Nowak.

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