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Mobile+Positive was designed to help ad salespeople predict which companies needed to purchase mobile advertising media. The benefit to the salesperson would be spending less time with lookers–and more time with buyers.

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The system  worked quite well. It predicted several purchases before they happened–including the first media buy for the P&G Vicks App and the the 3M Cloud Library App.


Mobile+Positive condensed each domain into a family tree and allowed a user to add an entire company to their sales pipeline.pipeline

Here is a list of the different types of lists a user could select within the product. On the left-hand side are the types of need scores. On the right-hand side are the types of companies.

Here you can see a list of online retailer who need to purchase mobile advertising:

When you drill down into each company, you can get a list of the people who are most likely to be responsible for mobile advertising purchases.

This was the video on the homepage. It was my first go at kinetic typography.Thanks to Gary Dumbhill for the art & production.

No stock images were used in the making of Mobile+Positive. Below is a custom illustration done by the brilliant Mark Legget.
online retailers
Many people contributed to this project. My #1 co-conspirator was Alek Nowak. Thanks for all your relentless coding & designing & perfecting. You are a true artist.

I learned a tremendous amount of lessons from creating and marketing Mobile+Positive. The biggest lesson that I learned is that customers must instantly know how to use your product–just by looking at it. Though I received a number of high compliments for the product’s original design and art work, Mobile+Positive was anything but intuitive.

Whoops. I won’t make that mistake again.

LAUNCHED: February 2012. DEFUNCT: July 2012

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