In the world of data mining, computers are known as Robots. TRIM+P (see definition #4) arose from the need to explain the complicated functions that Mobile+Positive performed in a simple fashion.

The idea that Alek and I had was demonstrate the benefits of Mobile+Positive through story. This actually how I met Mark Leggett. I searched the web through and through for someone who not only designed the style that I wanted, but also had a great sense of humor.

We started with a background for our Twitter page. TRIM+P needed a setting, a place where the user could picture him doing all the data mining and crunching for Mobile+Positive…

Mobile+Positive Robot Big

TRIM+P had a bit of a temper and the fact that many web pages weren’t properly coded for mobile didn’t do wonders for his blood pressure–or is it his oil pressure? The Twitter Avatar features TRIM+P squeezing a phone and breaking it.
Mobile+Positive Robot 001_avatar 1

TRIM+P knew how to have fun on occasion. Check out the Jiffy Lube martini he busted out to congratulate a sales prospect, Millennial Media, on their IPO in spring 2012.

Mobile Positive Robot Martini 001

Here is TRIM+P traveling through cyberspace… defending the mobile web… and need scoring.

Mobile Positive Video Game Header 003

From his trip to New York…Mobile Positive Corporate Header 003

Being a robot, TRIM+P had no tolerance for errors. Here’s what users who clicked ‘report a bug’ saw…
Mobile+Positive Robot Bug Report

This DEMO button uses the corner of the Farah Bot poster as the setting.

TRIM+P was a snarky little bastard. He was an edgy, raw creative risk. I think TRIM+P should be re-deployed some day… into a more mainstream role where he can do things that more people understand.

BORN: October 2011. DIED: July 2012

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