Why did I rebrand from David to Eisaiah?

On my 29th birthday in 2015, I rebranded from David Engel to my middle name, D. Eisaiah Engel. There are three reasons for the change:

  • When you type ‘David Engel’ into Google, there is a successful broadway actor and plenty of lawyers, professors and doctors all competing for placement in the SERP (SERP is an acronym which stands for: search engine results page). I am all for competition, but there are too many awesome people named David Engel. This was not one that I could win.

  • My middle name is Eisaiah which is pronounced Isaiah. The E is just for decoration. Thanks to my parents for the unique unique middle name, there is no one else to compete with in Google unless I have a son some day and name him Eisaiah. (Which if I did, I would give him a different last name.)
  • David begins and ends with hard consonants: ‘D’ and ‘d.’ I am from San Diego, California and as it turns out, half of Boston lives there. Hearing those double d consonants over a Boston accent day in and day out was too much to bear.

So there you have it folks. My first post in 1 year and 2 months. Stay tuned… there is more to come.

Not my actual birthday cake from 2015, but it would have been cool. Looks like a vegan dish. Source: Flikr/Barisione

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