How 6 mCommerce sites changed since Black Friday 2010

How have mobile commerce websites changed since 2010?
How 6 mobile websites have traveled through time. Image: Jordandemuth

Black Friday 2010 brought e-commerce sales of $648 million (Comscore). In 2016, that figure rose to $3.34 billion (Adobe), a 415% increase. Mobile has played an increasing role on Black Friday. It accounted for 36% of this year’s online sales.

Back in 2010, I was impressed when a retailer had a mobile website. I led a study with Luth Research that revealed only 22.8% of top retailers had them.

I kept some screenshots from my 2010 study. I have put them side-by-side with screenshots from today. Oh, how mobile commerce has changed!

Newegg realized not everybody was THAT excited about apps: improved their creative:


Popcorn Factory found their lost .JPG, .PNG and .GIF files:


Williams-Sonoma had it going on… and they still do:


Crutchfield uses click-to-call which still helps sell expensive purchases: has stayed up with the times:

When I grabbed these screenshots, Branding Brand was lighting up the mCommerce blogosphere. That was six years ago. Branding Brand is still a leading agency, and I am placing their November 2016 – Top 10 Retail Trends into this “time capsule.” When we open it again in 2022, which trends do you think will still be popular?

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