[Video] How ‘Continue from’ works in IBM Watson Conversation

In this video I demonstrate how the order of dialogue nodes affects the Jump to… or Continue from… feature in IBM Watson Conversation.

Continue conversation button from in IBM Watson Conversation
This button goes by several names including Continue from and Jump to.

Until just now, I was unclear about the Continue from / Jump to feature. I followed the car tutorial provided by IBM and the feature worked. Then I created my own chat bot, and it sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t.

Why was Continue from / Jump to not behaving consistently? Because I did not realize how the order of the nodes affects it.

The Jump to… label shows only the condition from the node you select. Yet it can execute the nodes beneath it. This led me to incorrectly assume it can execute the nodes above it.

If you are making the same mistake, then delete your Jump to. Try linking it to the top node like the video demonstrates in the last example toward the end.

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Also, if you have node with a true condition serving as a catchall, make sure you put it below the other nodes. If you put it above them, the other nodes will not execute.

Learning this feature can be frustrating. I hope this troubleshooting video saves you time building your chat bot.

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