1 Valuable Marketing Tip from Godiva’s Box that Keeps Giving

Godiva’s Box That Keeps Giving is lighting up the advertising trade press. The campaign is a valuable example of using the product to spur a habit. The habit here is food gifting.

Food Gifting in the U.S. is on track to hit $18B in 2016 according to Packaged Facts, a market research firm. Packaged Facts discovered boxed candy like Godiva makes up 5 of the 18 billion dollars of food gifts. Godiva baked this 5 billion dollar behavior into the product.

How do you bake habit-forming behavior into your products? You can follow my AMP’d approach to get started. AMP is an acronym which stands for using:

  • Analytics to uncover a profitable behavior
  • Marketing to make the behavior familiar
  • Product to turn the behavior into a habit

Godiva’s Box That Keeps Giving is available in only 20 stores right now. To amp things further, Godiva could produce the box at scale. I believe they are considering it.

Props to the folks from McCann New York, the ad agency for Godiva, who made the campaign:

Source: Coloribus

Godiva's Box that Keeps Giving. Holidays 2016
Godiva’s Box That Keeps Giving is a product marketing case study.

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