David Engel’s Self Interview

March 29, 2010 – A young David Engel interviews himself about creativity, form and function in advertising.

David: So, what is an advertising inventor?

Engel: It’s my way of telling the world that I’m an advertising copywriter and inventor. Copywriters are known for creating beautiful, funny form. Inventors are fascinated with making things function better. My practice is to blend both form and function into my work.

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Map Decision: Tension & Release

This is my personal experience of tension and release around a driving decision.

Monday, March 1, 2010

On my way to meet a friend today in Carlsbad, I opened my iPhone to get directions.

The map suggested that I take Jefferson Street. But, I already envisioned taking the 5 and exiting Carlsbad Village Dr.

Tension. “Whoa… This map is telling me one thing, but I’m thinking another.”

“Fuck the map.” I decided to take the route that was already in my mind.

In that moment, the tension went away.


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