List of 397 Venture Capital Firms

10-YEAR UPDATE FROM THE YEAR 2021: Below is a list of 397 venture capital firms that I published in 2011. I compiled this list hoping I could get venture capitalists to fund my business. I ended up getting angel investors who were plugged into the same networks and believed the same things as venture capitalists – growth should be exponential, operate at a loss until you can form a monopoly, etc. That experience led to me building a business and getting pushed out by the investors who wanted faster growth. The “hyper-growth” strategy the investors followed backfired. Living this terrible experience inspired me to write Founder Friendly Standard and the books, Grays Sports Almanac for Venture Capital and Innovation Casino. I recommend you read my three works before contacting venture capitalists or angel investors so you can become aware of the dangers ahead.

List of Venture Capital (or VC) Firms:

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Vehicle Affiliate Ad

Click this link to read the full vehicle affiliate ad I wrote in November 2008 for a campaign using my vehicle affiliate advertising business method.

The vehicle affiliate ad pulled in over 200 inquiries on Craigslist in only 2 weeks. Which is remarkable, considering the person displaying the ad was to pay us $35 up front. They would be paid based on the sales the ad brought in.

Sales were tracked with a unique phone number.