Social Networks: The digital red carpet

Social networks allow the everyday person to write their biography and share it with the world in a way that — in the past — was reserved for the super-famous.

Social networking is a similar feeling to walking down the red carpet at the academy awards.
Photographer Alan Light / Academy Awards 1988

Unlike traditional books, these biographies are not all written at once. They are evolving with every new status update, every new picture.

Social networks give people the ability to instantly “try on” friends, causes, groups, dreams, and identities.

You can be the hero, villain, knight, princess, king or whatever role tickles your fancy. You can summon entertainment, spy on enemies, even peep through the screen at beautiful members of the opposite sex.

When you login, you see your friends, your networks, your status updates, your messages, your photos. The whole world revolves around “you” as you scroll down the digital red carpet.

This is where I assume the most traffic is on Facebook & MySpace:

  • The most visited page on social networking sites is a user’s own profile.
  • Photos receive the second highest amount of traffic.

David Eisaiah Engel | Create Your Badge

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