Social Advertising

Let people make their own advertisements for your product in their Facebook pictures.

Photographer: Mickey van der Stap
Photographer: Mickey van der Stap

Besides their own profile, people spend most of their time on their friends’ photos. Wouldn’t it make sense to advertise there?

Traditional social marketing means you go out and ‘get’ people on Facebook (or whatever network) to do something. You send them a message, you invite them to a group, etc. They outright accept, reject or ignore the message. It’s a classic stimulus/response model.

Social advertising is different. Can you name 1 reason why?

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  • I was recently asked:

    How does the person displaying the ad in their profile get paid?

    Give them a coupon code in the URL that gives the friend an incentive and gives the person displaying the ad an incentive.

    For example, underneath the ad, there would be the text:

    Here is an ad I did for X company. They’re giving me a coupon for my friends. Click the link to get $5.00 off.

  • Hey David, Thanks for the kudos. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. All the best. -Greg

  • The Zen Coach, Greg Clowminzer gave a lecture that’s along the lines of this post.

    Best Business Practices are Changing. He puts the ideas behind this post in the context of feminine/masculine energy.

    Traditional social marketing would be the masculine approach.

    Social advertising would be more feminine.

  • I’ll go first. This is more of a maternal/indirect approach.

    Instead of ‘pushing’ your product, people discover your products while browsing through their friends’ photos.