Bio with a ‘big idea’

Very few bios have a big idea.

The big idea in this bio = you can have a relationship with food… and it can be healthy.

I wrote this for a client in January 2010. Her reaction: “Thank you David…truly, it was great.”

For over 35 years, Linda B. C.H.C. has been helping people develop a healthy relationship with food.

Her unconventional style of health counseling has healed indigestion, depression, mood swings, chronic fatigue, intestinal problems, irritability, and headaches. Linda doesn’t just treat a “symptom.” She gets to the true source–often an unconscious behavior.

Patients report feeling better after the first week of Linda’s program. They may realize they eat poorly because of a stressful job or a bad relationship. Whatever the reason, Linda helps patients change their habits.

Linda customizes delicious diets, so clients get the nutrition they need to feel vibrant. She teaches clients how to cook healthy 15 minute meals. She recommends what to eat out. She also develops an exercise program, and holds clients accountable to their goals.

Linda has been featured in Bergen County Magazine, Black Tie Magazine, the Pascack Press, and numerous other media outlets. She hosted her own radio shows for ten (10) years. Her two shows were called “Into the 21st Century” and “Women for Women,” which won the prestigious Gracie Allen award. During this time, she owned a medical center in New York City, with a staff of 30 specialists. She’s volunteered for numerous organizations, including The OctoberWomen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

Today, Linda works as a nutritional counselor for Holy Name Hospital. She offers individual & group sessions. She also performs healthy cooking demonstrations. Linda believes availability is critical. She’s happy to meet at a time that’s most convenient for you.

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