Mobile Intelligence Report

In June 2010, we finished the mobile intelligence report.

It was a sales tool for my mobile agency. We were building mobile websites, and we needed to show marketers that their current websites didn’t look so good on mobile. Hence, the need to hire us!

The designer was Jed Bridges. I wrote most of the report generation code in Visual Basic .NET. Matt Shade wrote the data-mining software in PHP. I think Alek sliced the CSS.

We launched this report by purchasing a list of 8,000 marketing directors from Jigsaw and building reports for them dynamically. Then we sent the reports out via email.

One day, Dan and I were visiting the Wapple offices in Carlsbad when he asked if we could run the report on the web to get a sense of how many websites have mobile content. The answer led to the Supply & Demand of the Mobile Web… and finally became Mobile+Positive.

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