Divide & Conquer Blogging with Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling writing app on Zoho Creator
A screenshot of my Rudyard Kipling writing app powered by Zoho Creator.

I just created the writing app your content marketing team needs to create thought provoking blog posts that stand apart from your competition. My app, named Rudyard Kipling after the system of writing, frees up your company’s experts to focus on sharing insights while writers focus on wordsmithing.

The writing app works by dividing the labor of writing an article into six steps:

  1. Ask3
  2. Answer3
  3. Draft
  4. Edit
  5. Publish
  6. Share

Experts tackle the first two steps: Ask3 and Answer3. The first step involves asking three of each of the Rudyard Kipling questions: who3, what3, where3, when3, why3, and how3. The second step is to answer the questions.

By step three, writers begin their drafts with 18 expert-written sentences. Editors pick up where the writers leave off in step four. The publishing team is notified when editing is complete by step five. Once published, your marketing team proceeds to the final step which is sharing on social media.

By structuring your writing process this way, you can produce expert-driven articles in a faction of the time as your competition who are using content writers from end to end.

The system is for companies who need to produce a lot of content in a short period of time. Each article has a section for logging time entries. To measure your time savings, add all the time entries together and compare them to the time entries in a regular article. You can test this system upon request by emailing d25engel@yahoo.com.

Once you’ve received a user login, you can access the Rudyard Kipling writing app here.

Screenshot of the time card feature of the Rudyard Kipling writing app.
Screenshot of the time card for creating this article. Total was 2 hrs 30 mins which is half of the time it takes me to do a normal blog post.

Special thanks to Nicholas Mac Connell for inspiring me to write to answer questions.

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