Outlining is the most difficult step of the writing process

Steps of Writing
Too often writers get stuck because they’re skipping the outlining stage of the writing process.

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Sensory Headline

'How to save two hours per week' v. 'How to go home at 3:00pm next Mon'

Winning ads stimulate more than the intellect. Consider these two headlines.

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New David Engel Ad Portfolio

The new David Engel Ad Portfolio is out. Thank you to all the fantastic clients who gave these ideas a chance to be born.

What would you like to be known for?

A sharp pencil stands apart
Here’s how to start the branding process without spending 5 months and $1,000,000.

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As we start the 10’s, the landscape of advertising will become even more shaky for those who rely on “what used to work.”

Leonardo DaVinci's toothed gears. DaVinci was also a painter, architect, mathematician...
2010: Time to discover new ways to help consumers make buying decisions.

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Social Advertising

Let people make their own advertisements for your product in their Facebook pictures.

Photographer: Mickey van der Stap
Photographer: Mickey van der Stap

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Energy Drink Game Changer

I wrote this ad when the company’s sponsored golfer was winning the PGA Tour. That explains the visor.