Grassroots Advertising With No Money Down

Advertisers can use this pay-per-performance, grassroots model to pass out samples with little to no cash upfront.

Drivers attach a sticker ad to the back of their cars. Prospects text-in to get their samples. Each sticker has a unique keycode. The unique keycode allows the advertiser to track how many customers each car refers. Drivers get paid based on how many samples their car refers.

This video was created to illustrate concepts presented in my November 2009 article, Vehicle Affiliate Advertising. Think of me as a technology professor in this video–not an advertising copywriter. That way, I won’t feel as bad about sounding so cheesy.

One thought on “Grassroots Advertising With No Money Down

  1. Hi David, I think this is an interesting advertising model which can grow organically. My only observation is that, if each ‘Joe’ is also potentially acting as an ambassador for your business, that they also need to have ‘a story’ that is unambiguous and highlights the pluses of your product or service.

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