In early 2010, I wrote a blog post called 2010:A Renaissance in Persuasion. I announced that I was on a journey to find better ways of advertising. I wrote, “perhaps [my findings] will be unlike anything we have called advertising before.” That is exactly what happened with Company Data Trees.

Company Data Trees was born out of my own need to spend less time and money on advertising for Brand Anywhere, the advertising agency where I worked.

Making cold call after cold call was painful. There was a 1/20 chance of finding someone interested in mobile advertising. Eventually, I began to notice patterns in the companies who were truly good candidates for mobile v. those who weren’t.

“Wait a minute,” I thought, “there’s nothing special about my ability to recognize these patterns. A computer could be trained to do it.” The idea started with the Mobile Intelligence Report. That morphed into the Mobile Indexer, which got mentioned in several media outlets including:

We released a slew of data products for the Marketing Tech sector and Data Service Providers in early 2011. Now, we’re launching Company Data Trees, which connects the data points in a way that enables B2B marketers (starting with the marketing technology segment) to predict who will buy before they send marketing or make a single phone call.

I can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring.

Special Thanks

I received a great deal of help in 2010. I want to take this opportunity to thank the people that inspired and helped me move the ball forward:

Mom, Dad, Nicholas MacConnell, Dan Flanegan, David Lavenuta, Heather Gipson, Alek Nowak, Tina Campbell, Brandy Mattix, Christy Henderson, Valerie Balcom, Junfeng Ma, Sharee Loeffler, Diana Chow, Becky Wu, Danica Deans, Jay Sherman, Greg Clowminzer, Jigsaw Corp, Stephanie Marsh, and Logan Lidster.

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