Social Networks: The digital red carpet

Social networks allow the everyday person to write their biography and share it with the world in a way that — in the past — was reserved for the super-famous.

Social networking is a similar feeling to walking down the red carpet at the academy awards.
Photographer Alan Light / Academy Awards 1988

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Passwords reinvented: easy to remember, hard to crack

How do you make passwords for the cloud that are hard for hackers to guess yet easy to remember?

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911 video scares criminals

(Future of 911) — Dialing 911 starts a video recording that is uploaded to a server in real-time. Records are kept online, even if the phone breaks.

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Weather Dashboard in Call Centers

How about a tiny dash board on every call center operator’s computer that shows the weather where the caller is?

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StumbleUpon iPhone Infomercials

Here’s an idea for an app: Shake the iPhone and a new deal comes across the screen.

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Memoirs: FBook Auction

FBook Auction - a way to buy and sell facebook groups. Invented by advertising copywriter David Engel in 2005.Back in 2005, when I was at USC, I created a site called FBookAuction.

The site allowed users to auction off ownership to groups on Facebook. The new owner could send marketing messages to the group. (This was before Facebook apps.)

The idea was to give Facebook entrepreneurs a way to make money by aggregating groups of people that an advertiser would target (e.g. people with allergies). And to give advertisers (e.g. allergy drug company) a way to send marketing messages to their target audience.

It didn’t work.

Imagination > Knowledge. Capture it.

Nicholas Mac Connell's Brain Organizer iPhone App is a great tool for organizing thoughtsLunch today was with the inventor of the brain organizer iPhone app, Nicholas Mac Connell. We were talking about how imagination is more important than knowledge.

I use Nicholas’ product, the brain organizer, to capture my imagination while writing ads. When the many scattered ideas come into my head, I’m able to file them in the brain organizer. The product uses a very simple – yet very powerful categorization system. It gives me a high-level view of what’s going on in my imagination. Now, big ideas don’t get away.