Thought experiment: What is marketing?

Cow pasture with sunlight pouring over the mountains like in a dream
Credit: “dream” by Luigi Alesi is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 via Flikr.

Poof! The internet, TV, radio, cellphones, print and all other marketing tools have vanished in a flash. No modern media exists. How then does a company get the word out about its products?

I suppose that in our imaginary world a company would have to get people to share its products–at least verbally through conversation with another. The more target customers who receive word about a company’s products, the more sales a company receives.

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What is marketing?

Define marketing: Marketing is creating business growth goals and taking action steps to achieve them.

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What is business?

A simple definition of “business” is the conversion of human energy into money and vice versa.

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A simple definition of math

If the first thing children learn in math is counting, then could the answer to the question “What is math?” be technology for counting?

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