News Update: Mobile Intelligence Report is Out

The Mobile Intelligence Report allows marketers to see what their website looks like on mobile devices. So they can see what their mobile customers see.

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Passwords reinvented: easy to remember, hard to crack

How do you make passwords for the cloud that are hard for hackers to guess yet easy to remember?

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Vehicle Affiliate Advertising

I think about this method as a loan for infinite advertising funds.

In my 2009 beta test, I was able to get 30+ people to pay $35 to cover setup costs. My total out-of-pocket expense to get started was $0, yet 30 of my ads were driving around the city.

The method is a re-invented “paid to drive” program. It tracks sales or leads from an ad on an affiliate’s car. There is a unique phone number on the ad – that is associated only with that affiliate. When prospects call the number, the system tags the incoming customer to the affiliate. Continue reading