Prospect Theory eMindset Explained

The Prospect Theory eMindset is a one page summary of Prospect Theory–chunked into simple facts, questions, and visualizations.View Prospect Theory eMindsetInformation is presented in parallel. Readers can jump around in whatever way “fits” their brain best. Many discover this is a faster way to learn than reading sentence by sentence.

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Joomla Programmer Pre-Interview Questions

I added a new piece to my Google Knol Collection, Mastering the Pre-Interview.

The piece, titled Joomla Programmer Pre-Interview, is a series of questions that reveal a Joomla coder’s skill. I recommend asking some or all of these questions before hiring a Joomla coder.

New Articles about Hiring

Check out these articles I just wrote to read through the B.S. on resumes. There’s a way to identify real talent before you even talk to a candidate.

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Fishing for “A” Candidates in a Digital Pond

Fishing for “A” Candidates in a Digital Pond was a small publication I wrote in November of 2008. It was supposed to be “a guide to recruiting top talent to your firm by having intriguing conversations over social networks and RSS.”

While some of the ideas are obsolete now, here are some interesting concepts that could tweaked to fit today’s digital landscape. Especially page 12.

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