Bio with a ‘big idea’

Very few bios have a big idea.

The big idea in this bio = you can have a relationship with food… and it can be healthy.

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As we start the 10’s, the landscape of advertising will become even more shaky for those who rely on “what used to work.”

Leonardo DaVinci's toothed gears. DaVinci was also a painter, architect, mathematician...
2010: Time to discover new ways to help consumers make buying decisions.

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Swine Flu News Article

This article was written as an experiment in October of 2009. It was never published.

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Ad Concept: Guess What

In a world of advertising sameness, I thought this would be an different concept to try.

Although not specific, it could be narrowed down by calling out the audience like, “Hey dieters, guess what.”

Guess What Banner Ad from David Engel's advertising copywriter portfolio