Dr. Good’s Bad Review

I’m having a blast with our new campaign, Doctor Good’s Bad Review. The campaign is generating awareness among medical professionals that their online ratings could be attacked at any time. The solution is to stop attacks early with Review Report Card.


Creative / Art Direction: David Engel
Illustration: Mark Leggett
Copy: David Engel, Logan Lidster
Narration: David Engel
Video Production: Logan Lidster
Audio Production: Jerome Peck
Client / Agency: Expert Reputation

24 second pre-roll commercial:

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Summing up “my second go”

Flax Seed Grains
Crunching on these this morning.

I was crunching on some flax seed grains this morning and realized that I haven’t added anything substantial to the Engel Journal for nearly 2 years.

It’s time to change that.

Today, I’m working on my second portfolio that highlights my creative work from ages 24-26.

The work is getting more refined. I’m proud to say that there are 17 inventions / advertising / communications projects that are substantial enough to highlight.

I’m thinking about titling it “My Second Go,” since it will be my second complete volume of work.

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Tap Monopoly Mindshare

Bring logos to life by tweaking objects that people are already familiar with.

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New David Engel Ad Portfolio

The new David Engel Ad Portfolio is out. Thank you to all the fantastic clients who gave these ideas a chance to be born.

New Website for Real Estate Client

I just finished a new website for a San Diego real estate investment firm.

saarei website.png
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Bio with a ‘big idea’

Very few bios have a big idea.

The big idea in this bio = you can have a relationship with food… and it can be healthy.

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Swine Flu News Article

This article was written as an experiment in October of 2009. It was never published.

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What would you eat if you could CHEAT?

I forgot to mention in the post about CheatRX.com that I wrote the tagline, “What would you eat if you could CHEAT?”

Re-Writing a Weight Loss MLM

Here is an ad written in for a MLM in the weight loss industry. Instead of giving it the regular look of an MLM, I gave it a news appeal. Sales people are now ‘weight loss hosts.’ The term multi-level marketing is redefined to Weight Loss 2.0.

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Social Proof: CHEAT™ Banner

This banner ad won’t be winning an award any time soon. Still, it makes great use of social proof (testimonials) and is persuasive.